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July 3rd
July 3rd: In 1969 John Lennon held a press conference to announce the release of "Give Peace a Chance," but couldn’t show up as he and Yoko were recovering from a car crash the day before in Scotland. He and Yoko suffered cuts to their faces that required stitches, and ... Read more...

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'The Raccoons' creator eyes possible reboot for rambunctious animated hit

TORONTO - Thirty years after becoming one of Canada's biggest animated TV hits, "The Raccoons" is plotting a return.

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A generation that came of age with soccer and women's sports now tuning in to World Cup

A generation of American women who grew up playing sports because of Title IX now makes up the television audience that advertisers covet.

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After a five-year absence, Frankie Beverly and Maze returns to Essence Festival

NEW ORLEANS - For 15 years, thousands of fans dressed all in white entered the Superdome on the final day of the Essence Festival anticipating the soulful sounds of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, who also dressed in his signature white pants, shirt and baseball cap, would sing into the wee hours of the next day.

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