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July 29th
July 29th: In 1965 The Beatles film Help! debuted at the Pavilion Theatre in London. The Beatles did not particularly enjoy the filming of the movie, nor were they pleased with the end product. In 1970, John Lennon said they felt like extras in their own movie. The film was ... Read more...

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Debra Messing, Blake Shelton spar over presidential campaign

PHILADELPHIA — Actress and outspoken Democrat Debra Messing has called a Twitter truce with country singer and "The Voice" judge Blake Shelton following a politically charged spat.

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Director's debut explores 'The Land' with Nas, Badu help

LOS ANGELES — Director Steven Caple Jr. was mentoring some elementary school students at an inner-city park in Los Angeles when he spotted two stray kids hopping a fence with their skateboards. He went to go kick them out of the park and ended up talking with them instead. They spilled that they were selling marijuana to fund their entry into skateboarding competitions and new equipment. It was their ticket out.

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