Canada’s Great National Pastime

Posted By: Mark Jeffries · 1/19/2012 4:18:00 PM

It’s not just that winter really hit us all extra hard this past week, though that surely brought our “National Pastime” to prevalence but we Canucks love to talk about the weather. With the wind chills in much of BC starting at -20, it’s no wonder many of us were spending even more time discussing Mother Nature’s fury. I often watch news from our biggest city Vancouver and its when winter finally hits that those viewing sessions take on a whole new level of, well, fun!

Really an inch of snow in Vancouver can virtually shut the city down! To hear the newsies whine about temperatures of -5 or a wind chill of -11 that the rest of BC would consider a veritable thaw is just a good laugh.  Of course they’re the same about the heat, ooh a sweltering 27 and they are offering tips to cool off! I could go on about Vancouverites’ winter driving abilities or the way they swear “all-Seasons” are good winter tires but it almost too easy.

It does give me an idea for “Provincial Pastime” though; Vancouver Bashing! No, on second thought it’s just too easy.

BTW, it has been a while ( a looooong while) since I lived there but I was born and raised in Vancouver so I’m allowed. Right?



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