August 20, 2007
WEA International

Album Review

Culling material from Everything But the Girl's first ten years as a band (from the Eden/Everything But the Girl stage through Amplified Heart), The Works is a three-disc, 58-song (well, 55 plus three remixes) that thoroughly recaps everything the group based itself on. The Works expands upon Home Movies, pretty much overlapping the latter's selection and then building upon it, and also including ten songs from Amplified Heart, which Home Movies ignores. For any EBTG fan who already has the group's albums, this compilation doesn't really offer much in new material, but it's a great way to catch up on what they were without having to commit to nine full-lengths.
Marisa Brown, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Each and Every One
  2. Mine
  3. Native Land
  4. Bittersweet
  5. Tender Blue
  6. Another Bridge
  7. Crabwalk
  8. Even So
  9. I Must Confess
  10. When All's Well
  11. Shoot Me Down
  12. Are You Trying to Be Funny?
  13. Ballad of the Times
  14. Anytown
  15. Trouble and Strife
  16. Come on Home
  17. Don't Leave Me Behind
  18. Cross My Heart
  19. Don't Let the Teardrops Rust Your Shining Heart
  20. Come Hell or High Water
  21. I Don't Want to Talk About It
  22. Love Is Here Where I Live
  23. Oxford Street
  24. Shadow on a Harvest Moon
  25. Lonesome for a Place I Know
  26. Apron Strings
  27. Driving
  28. Get Back Together
  29. Me and Bobby D
  30. The Language of Life
  31. My Baby Don't Love Me
  32. The Road
  33. Old Friends
  34. Understanding
  35. Twin Cities
  36. One Place
  37. Politics Aside
  38. Frozen River
  39. The Only Living Boy in New York
  40. I Didn't Know I Was Looking for Love
  41. Missing
  42. You Lift Me Up
  43. Talk to Me Like the Sea
  44. British Summertime
  45. Love Is Strange
  46. Boxing and Pop Music
  47. Rollercoaster
  48. Troubled Mind
  49. I Don't Understand Anything
  50. Walking to You
  51. Get Me
  52. Two Star
  53. We Walk the Same Line
  54. 25th December
  55. Disenchanted
  56. Driving [Underdog Remix]
  57. Driving [Todd Terry Remix]
  58. Missing [Todd Terry Remix]