October 29, 2007

Album Review

What this import collection does, quite simply, is package Stanley Clarke's arguably best-known and best-selling studio records for Epic/Columbia, beginning with his debut for the label in 1974. The other records here -- all of which have very solid tracks on them but also have some real filler -- are Journey to Love (1975), School Days (1976), Modern Man (1978) and the first Clarke/Duke Project album with George Duke (1981). The decision to leave off the live record, which was a best seller, or even the minor hit "I Wanna Play for You" from 1976, is a curious one, simply because the context remains more fusion than funk/disco. Given the mastering and pressings, these are solid sounding sets -- others in the series include offerings by Mahavishnu Orchestra and Duke Ellington, to name just two -- and the price tag is quite modest as well. Still, unless one is a real fan (who would presumably have these titles already anyway) it is curious as to who on these shores would even consider them.
Thom Jurek, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Vulcan Princess
  2. Yesterday Princess
  3. Lopsy Lu
  4. Power
  5. Spanish Phases for Strings & Bass
  6. Life Suite, Pts. 1-4
  7. Silly Putty
  8. Journey to Love
  9. Hello Jeff
  10. Song to John, Pt. 1
  11. Song to John, Pt. 2
  12. Concerto for Jazz-Rock Orchestra, Pts. 1-4
  13. School Days
  14. Quiet Afternoon
  15. The Dancer
  16. Desert Song
  17. Hot Fun
  18. Life Is Just a Game
  19. Opening Statement
  20. He Lives On
  21. More Hot Fun
  22. Slow Dance
  23. Interlude: A Serious Occasion
  24. Got to Find My Own Place
  25. Dayride
  26. Interlude: It's What She Didn't Say
  27. Modern Man
  28. Interlude: A Relaxed Occasion
  29. Rock & Roll Jelly
  30. Closing Statement
  31. Wild Dog
  32. Louie Louie
  33. Sweet Baby
  34. I Just Want to Love You
  35. Never Judge a Cover by Its Book
  36. Let's Get Started
  37. Winners
  38. Touch and Go
  39. Finding My Way
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