January 29, 2008

Album Review

This three-disc box set from Sony features 1996's Falling into You, 1997's Let's Talk About Love, and 2002's New Day Has Come in their entirety. There's nothing new here besides the cardboard sleeve that encapsulates the three discs, all of which are decent and dutifully represent (especially the first two records) Celine Dion's most successful period.
James Christopher Monger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. The Reason
  2. Immortality [From Saturday Night Fever]
  3. Treat Her Like a Lady
  4. Why Oh Why
  5. Love Is on the Way
  6. Tell Him
  7. Where Is the Love
  8. When I Need You
  9. Miles to Go (Before I Sleep)
  10. Us
  11. Just a Little Bit of Love
  12. My Heart Will Go On [From Titanic]
  13. I Hate You Then I Love You
  14. To Love You More
  15. Let's Talk About Love
  16. It's All Coming Back to Me Now
  17. Because You Loved Me
  18. Falling into You
  19. Make You Happy
  20. Seduces Me
  21. All by Myself
  22. Declaration of Love
  23. Dreamin' of You
  24. I Love You
  25. If That's What It Takes
  26. I Don't Know
  27. River Deep, Mountain High
  28. Call the Man
  29. I'm Alive
  30. Right in Front of You
  31. Have You Ever Been in Love
  32. Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable)
  33. A New Day Has Come [Radio Remix]
  34. Ten Days
  35. Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)
  36. Prayer
  37. I Surrender
  38. At Last
  39. Sorry for Love
  40. Aun Existe Amor
  41. The Greatest Reward
  42. When the Wrong One Loves You Right
  43. A New Day Has Come
  44. Nature Boy