Touch & Go

Album Review

With the addition of drummer Blackie Onassis, Urge Overkill shapes up into a killer rock & roll combo. It also doesn't hurt that the songs are the finest they have written to date. Although the production is a little flat, there's no denying the force of the best tracks. "The Candidate" boasts a huge, stadium-size riff, "The Kids Are Insane" is a frenzied, frenetic rocker, "Today Is Blackie's Birthday" is gleefully stupid, and the band is surprisingly sexy on the old soul song "Emmaline." Things bog down a bit on the second side, but Urge is starting to sound like the rock stars they always knew they were.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. The Kids Are Insane
  2. The Candidate
  3. (Today Is) Blackie's Birthday
  4. Emmaline
  5. Bionic Revolution
  6. What Is Artane?
  7. Vacation in Tokyo
  8. Henhough: The Greatest Story Ever Told
  9. Theme from Navajo