April 10, 2001
EMI Music Distribution

Album Review

The words premium gold are often synonymous with gas station cigars and bottom-shelf tequilas. In the music industry, the phrase conjures up dusty, storefront cut-out bins and department store displays filled with endlessly repackaged greatest-hits anthologies, eagerly awaiting panicked holiday shoppers. No doubt more than a few have impulsively grabbed the Premium Gold Collection by Canadian popsters Glass Tiger. Consisting of one hit, the 1986 smash, "Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone," and 16 other album tracks culled from their two records, few songs from their canon have been omitted. Highlights, like the aforementioned breakthrough single and the anthemic "Thin Red Line," show a band in its prime, embracing the big pop sound of the late '80s. The minor hit "Someday" is the quintessential teen ballad, replete with Beverly Hills 90120 imagery and post-breakup solace. Those looking for a definitive Glass Tiger retrospective should pick up their two studio records, while the vaguely interested would do well in choosing the Premium Gold Collection.
James Christopher Monger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)
  2. Someday
  3. My Town
  4. My Song
  5. Diamond Sun
  6. Where Did Our Love Go
  7. I'm Still Searching
  8. A Lifetime of Moments
  9. Thin Red Line
  10. Vanishing Tribe
  11. Ancient Evenings
  12. Simple Mission
  13. I Will Be There
  14. Rescued (By the Arms of Love)
  15. Blinded
  16. Animal Heart
  17. This Island Earth