It's pointless to spend 10,000 words discussing CDs that most people will never be able to find. But if you ever catch Mark Eitzel selling this at his gigs again, or if you see them offered elsewhere, ask no questions! Along with Superhitsinternational, this is the LP that The Invisible Man should have been. Yeah, a veteran artist gets bored not trying new things -- we'll grant Eitzel that. But if you want to hear the actually outstanding "Sleep," "Can You See," "Seeing Eye Dog," "To the Sea," "Shine," "Christian Science Reading Room," an astounding "Steve I Always Knew" (woah!!!) and a better (slower! cooler! more soulful!) "Proclaim Your Joy," how they really are in one-take, Live on WFMU is a 90-times-better alternative version of the proper LP!!! It's not guitar purism that makes one say that, it's basic emotional impact. Each of these tunes, stripped so naked to the haunting ring of Eitzel's acoustic picking, is just so much more powerfully striking. Concurrently the passion is fully restored to his vocals, as he's spurred on by the timbre and tonality of the enthralling, nagging chords he's playing. It's as simple as that! Why isn't this in every record store in the land?!?!?! Mark Eitzel! Release this properly!!! (There's a typically self-effacing, really funny interview as part of the deal, too!) One just shakes one's heads in disbelief that this fabulous LP -- along with Superhitsinternational -- is only available in the most limited quantities to only those fortunate enough to attend his shows. Call them "The Invisible Albums," but one listen to either is to lament the immense talent going unheard, at the extent of blatantly secondary work!
Jack Rabid, Rovi