August 30, 2005
EMI Music Distribution

Album Review

Recorded in December at the Westfalenhalle Arena (Dortmund, Germany) during the band's 2003 Dance of Death tour, the two-disc Death on the Road deviates little from Iron Maiden's countless other live albums. While blissfully heavy on the group's excellent -- and suitably theatrical -- new material, longtime fans do not need any more live versions of "Number of the Beast," "Hallowed Be Thy Name," "Run to the Hills," or "The Trooper." All that said, Iron Maiden do not disappoint, laying to waste any notions that they can't hold themselves to the performance standards of their younger days. Even Bruce Dickinson, despite a voice that's now often more choked than feral, can barely keep himself from leaping into the crowd, and it's that kind of enthusiasm that makes each and every live release -- and there are a lot of them -- worthwhile to some degree.
James Christopher Monger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Wildest Dreams
  2. Wrathchild
  3. Can I Play with Madness
  4. The Trooper
  5. Dance of Death
  6. Rainmaker
  7. Brave New World
  8. Paschendale
  9. Lord of the Flies
  10. No More Lies
  11. Hallowed Be Thy Name
  12. Fear of the Dark
  13. Iron Maiden
  14. Journeyman
  15. The Number of the Beast
  16. Run to the Hills